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  Male and Female Gender Brownies/Love Bites 

Miami Jazz & Poetry by Candlelight Inc.


Renee’s Sweet Chocolate Poetry Male/Female Gender Brownies
 & German Chocolate Love Bites

Gender Brownies Highlight complimenting
the Man and Woman

Male-Gender Brownie are brownies blanched
with nuts (walnuts or pecan).

Female-Gender Brownie are brownies without nuts.

Sensual Double Dutch Gender Brownie are brownies with chunks of dark chocolate.

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Male Brownies

Female Brownies

Sensual Double Dutch Brownies

All Brownie Gift Sets Cost $38.00 per order

Gender Brownies Décor Gift Set

Select your choice of: MaleFemale Sensual Double Dutch .

Listed gift items:

(1 – Renee’s Sweet Chocolate Poetry T-shirt)

(1 – Renee’s Sweet Chocolate Grapes of Rhapsody CD)

(1 – Vanila Scented Votive Candle:

(1 – Votive Candle Holder

All Brownie Gift Sets Cost $38.00 per order.

Note: Baked items are freshly baked from scratch with no preservatives or additives.
Baked items are freshly baked then backed ready to send to you from the oven.




Gender Brownie Mix Special

Brownie Mix A

18 Brownie Mix  $38.00

6 Male Gender Brownies
6 Female Gender Brownie
6 Sensual Brownies
18 Brownies of your choice


Gender Brownie Mix B

24 Brownie Mix $45.00

9 Male Gender Brownies
9 Female Gender Brownies
6 Sensual Brownies
24 Brownies of your choice




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